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  Flower honey Bees gather it on the blossoms of fruit trees and meadow plants. It is nektar origin. The color is from brown to yellow . It has a pleasant taste and odor. It is used to strengthen the body and immune system. Especially recommended for the patients with low blood pressure and heart disease . Acacia honey Is very sweet, bright yellow color and a pleasant delicate flavor , so it is also called " the Lady " Frilled flowers on the acacia trees. Clear and very slowly crystallizes, it means that the slow solidify. Acacia honey soothes and relieves fatigue and helps in overcoming stress. Due to the mild taste is very popular with children . Lime honey The color is pale yellow to yellow-green. It has a strong smell of linden flowers and menthol . It helps to various diseases flu in colds, insomnia and mental ailments. A beneficial effect on spasms. Forest honey Light to dark brown colour. Among the most honeydew origin, is disrupted or clear. It contains a lot of minerals and mineral substances which reduce the level of anemia. strengthens the immune system and helps with the inflammation of the throat . Chestnut honey Brown to dark brown in color with a slight reddish reflection. It has a strong odor and bitter taste, this originates from a large content of pollen. Richest in mineral substances of all honeys.Recommended to promote digestion , to improve the functioning of the liver and chronic diseases of the stomach . When added to the hot drinks care that the liquid is not warmer than 40 degrees Celsius, so we keep all the ingredients of honey
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