Rodica breeding Center
The Rodica Breeding Center is in northwestern Slovenia,  below the peaks of Mt. Rodica (2,000m) in the Julian Alps, at an elevation of 750 meters. At the mating station we breed the indigenous Carniolan grey bee (Apis mellifera carnica) which is one of the best- known, internationally recognized and most widely used spieces of the Westernhoney bee. It is know for its low consuption of winter  food reserves and rapid spring development, which enables good use of the spring honey flow. In addition, it has an excellent sense of orientation. Through many years of accurate selection and testing, our bee farm has bred a high-quality breeding stock. This enables us to accurately select the parent and drone-rearing colonies for rearing and mating queens. Our selection is based on following: Honey yield Calmness Resistance of varroatosis Cleaning instinct Swarming impulse The size and weight of the queen Racial purity (cubital index) Our rearing is under the continual supervision of the Slovenian Agricultural Institute. This unables us to rear high-quality queens that form the basis for successsful beekeeping. Our queens and bee colonies are sold in various countries around the world.
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